What We Do

NOTICE: Demand Virtue is now defunct. Thanks to generous donations, this website will remain live, but no additional updates will be made. We greatly appreciate the past work of volunteers.


Demand Virtue

Demand Virtue is a non-profit organization based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Its mission is to align consumer choices with moral and ethical values as well as the traditional concerns about cost and quality. This mission is fulfilled in four ways:

1. Raising public awareness of companies that (a) produce consumer goods that compromise human health or safety; (b) produce consumer goods that harm the environment during the product life cycle; (c) produce consumer goods that unnecessarily harm animals; (d) create work conditions that are unhealthy or unjust; and (e) funnel profits into political campaigns, issue campaigns, and lobbying efforts counter to the public interest.

2. Identifying socially-responsible businesses that provide high-quality products and services. Many healthy and green alternatives exist, but the marketing of conventional products continues to dominate consumer consciousness. Demand Virtue serves as a countervailing force that points consumers to companies that produce goods without human or environmental toxins; use eco-friendly packaging; manufacture goods with renewable energy sources; refrain from subjecting animals to product testing; employ fair labor practices; and support public interest laws.

3.Cataloging best practices for reducing negative health and environmental consequences of using conventional products for which green alternatives do not yet exist.

4.Encouraging political action among citizens and legislators that (a) requires companies to demonstrate that products are safe prior to distribution; (b) prevents companies from unnecessarily harming the environment in the single-minded pursuit of profit; and (c) eliminates the monetary influence of big business in politics.


Policy Objectives

Building a sustainable and just economy will not only require that consumers support the right businesses. Consumers as citizens must use their political voice to ensure that laws are adopted to protect the environment, public health, and democratic processes. Aristotle long ago observed that the purpose of laws in a just society is to create conditions that enable people (and corporations) to do what is right and good. Unfortunately, the current state of our society is trending toward the opposite direction, wherein the wealthy and powerful create laws that suit the relentless pursuit of profit. Specifically, legislation is urgently needed to address three problems:

  • Require companies to demonstrate that products are safe prior to distribution;
  • Prevent companies from unnecessarily harming the environment; and
  • Eliminate the monetary influence of big business in political elections and legislative processes.

To this end, Demand Virtue’s Political Action Group assists nonprofit organizations in developing successful campaign strategies, effective ad designs, and reliable knowledge resources. For more information, please contact us at info@demandvirtue.org