Cleaning and Home Care

DILEMMA_PesticidesAn unfortunate fact of life is the relentless need to maintain a clean home environment. Left only to the passage of time, dust accumulates and deteriorates air quality; bacteria and mold emerge and cause illness; and pests destroy plants and overrun homes with unwanted stirring. Unfortunately, many people are not yet aware of the toxins lurking in an unkempt home, and manufacturers of cleaning supplies have introduced solutions that may be worse than the problem.

  • Dust in the modern home contains toxic chemicals that leach out of our chemical-laden goods, such as electronics, furniture, and flooring.
  • Many popular cleaning products contain ingredients associated with cancer, asthma, reproductive problems, and hormone disruption.
  • Many pesticides contain toxic ingredients linked to a greater risk of birth defects, cognitive impairment, breast cancer, autism, attention deficit disorder, and endocrine (hormone) disruption.


Take Action

1. Learn how to reduce your exposure to toxic dust.

2. Use non-toxic cleaning products.

3. Use organic-approved pesticides, especially those safe for bees.

4. Eliminate toxic cleaning supplies from your home. Chemicals can be brought to your city’s hazardous waste collection site. (Pouring them down your drain can harm the environment.)

5. Get toxic cleaning supplies out of your child’s school.