DILEMMA_foodCookingThe nutritional value of food itself is only part of what determines its effect on your health. The containers and cookware that come into contact with food also matter. Among the more common toxic chemicals that can leach into our food from containers and cookware are phthalates, Bisphenol A (BPA), and perfluorinated chemicals (PFCs). Due to their widespread use, phthalates, BPA, and PFCs have been detected in over 90 percent of Americans who have participated in studies conducted by the Centers for Disease Control.[1] Laboratory studies with animals suggest that phthalates are endocrine disruptors that create developmental abnormalities;[2] exposure to low doses of BPA primarily increases the risk of abnormal fetal and child development; and PFCs appear to increase the risk of cancer and liver damage.[3]


Take Action

  1. Use non-toxic cookware.
  2. Use non-toxic food containers.
  3. Use organic cotton grocery bags.