Vegetarian/Vegan Diet



“Nothing will benefit human health and increase chances of survival of life on Earth as much as the evolution to a vegetarian diet.” – Albert Einstein

Vegetarians restrict their diets to anything but animal flesh but still consume eggs and dairy products. Vegans only consume plant-based foods. Unless you were raised as a vegan or vegetarian, the prospect of becoming one will seem unusual, if not downright ludicrous. However, many of us have not seriously reflected on why one should adopt a vegan or vegetarian diet. Going vegan/vegetarian is not only necessary at this point in time, it has never been easier to make the transition. We help you find vegan substitutes for common dairy and meat products that are healthy and taste great. We also identify vegan protein and vitamin supplements, meal planners, and recipes.


The Vegan Toolkit

  1. The Vegetarian/Vegan Imperative: Why is it Necessary?
  2. Vegan Diets and Nutrition: How is it Possible?
  3. Vegan Alternatives to Common Dairy and Egg Products
  4. Vegan Alternatives to Common Meat Products
  5. Vegan Protein and Vitamin Supplements (Coming Soon)
  6. Vegan Meal Planners and Recipes (Coming Soon)