Electric Vehicles

20231108_mApproximately 32 percent of carbon dioxide emissions in the U.S. are due to transportation that relies on petroleum-based fuels.[1] If you drive a gasoline-powered vehicle, you are spending on average at least $1,500 on fuel and emitting 4.7 metric tons of global warming pollution per year. You can significantly reduce the amount you spend on fuel and your contribution to global warming by purchasing a plug-in hybrid or electric vehicle. The average use of a plug-in hybrid will cost $764 for fuel and emit 2.9 metric tons of global warming pollution per year. The best option is an electric vehicle, which will cost only $421 for fuel and emit 2.3 metric tons of global warming pollution.[2] Your carbon footprint will continue to decrease with an electric vehicle as the regional electricity grid draws more heavily on renewable resources rather than fossil fuels.[3] There is currently a federal tax credit of $7,500 that can be applied to the purchase of an electric vehicle, and some states have additional tax credits. There are nearly a dozen options for electric vehicles, most of which have been reviewed by Consumer Reports.


Base Price

Range (single charge)

Two Seaters

Smart Electric


68 miles

Compacts and Midsize cars

BMW i3


140 miles

Fiat 500e


80 miles

Chevy Spark EV


82 miles

Ford Focus Electric


76 miles

Honda Fit EV


82 miles

Mitsubishi i-MiEV


62 miles

Nissan Leaf


84 miles

Large cars

Tesla Model S


208 miles


Toyota RAV4 EV


103 miles

Tesla Model X


208 miles