Long-Distance Call Providers



If you have a landline with your local telephone company, you have a choice as to which company provides your long-distance service. Unfortunately, many people unwittingly select such long-distance providers as AT&T or Sprint, both of which funnel profits into the political campaigns of far-right candidates. The best option is to use a progressive long-distance service provider, Credo Long Distance or Earth Tones, which support progressive non-profit organizations but do not make political donations.


Best Options

Credo Long Distance

  • Credo donates 1 percent of customer charges to progressive non-profit organizations fighting for social justice, women’s rights, environmental protection, marriage equality, and peace.
  • Does not use profits to support political candidates.
  • Charges $5.95/month and 5 cents/minute


Earth Tones Residential Long Distance

  • Earth Tones donates 100 percent of their profits to environmental organizations.
  • Does not use profits to support political candidates.
  • Has various plans, ranging from no monthly fee to $4.95/month.