Mobile Phone Carriers

25686262_mApproximately 90 percent of American adults have a cell phone.[1] Most people in the United States use Verizon Wireless, AT&T, Sprint, or T-Mobile as a cell phone provider. While all major mobile phone carriers make political donations to far right candidates, Credo Mobile and Earth Tones are Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNO) that do not make donations to any political candidate. MVNO’s lease a cellular network from one of the major carriers, such as Sprint or AT&T, wherein network services are purchased at wholesale rates and resold to MVNO customers.


Best Options

1. Credo Mobile

  • Credo donates 1 percent of customer charges to progressive non-profit organizations fighting for social justice, women’s rights, environmental protection, marriage equality, and peace.
  • Does not use profits to support political candidates.
  • Leases the cellular network of the least offensive carrier, Sprint. (Sprint made $442,000 in political donations in 2012, compared to $5 million for AT&T and $3.4 million for Verizon.[1])
  • Carries a wide selection of phones, including the iPhone.
  • Gives new customers up to $350 per line to cover cancellation fees with your current provider.

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2. Earth Tones

  • Earth Tones donates 100 percent of their profits to environmental organizations.
  • Does not use profits to support political candidates.
  • Earth Tones leases the AT&T network.
  • Earth Tones has a narrow selection of phones, but you can also use a phone from a previous service provider.